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SmartDig’s technology makes it possible to bring together virtuall all business for sale listings and provide business buyers the best possible search experience.  SmartDig’s technological infrastructure is built from the latest enterprise software technology, and the core components of this technology are:

  • Spidering – Web ‘spiders’ (also known as ‘droids’ or ‘bots’) are intelligent, automated search tools that seek online information in response to user-specified parameters.

    SmartDig™ has developed a two-step approach to spidering the web for information. The fist step involves the use of spiders dubbed “Digital Scouts,” which are trained to regularly monitor the Internet for sites that appear to have either business for sales listings or similar business content. Step two, once a site is identified it is submitted to the spider development team, which programs a new spider to fit the site.

  • Parsing – Parsing, or extracting and structuring data, is the critical element that allows a business listing to be matched with the appropriate business buyer. For example, parsing isolates location and asking price in a business for sale description to allow them to be matched with a buyer’s location and available investment capital.

  • Searching / Matching – The third core component of SmartDig's technology is searching / matching. SmartDig's technology uses concept-based – as opposed to keyword – search solutions.  SmartDig’s Match Engine allows small clusters or networks of related word occurrences to be linked into concepts.  This delivers far more precise search results in less time, improving efficiency, productivity and user satisfaction.

SmartDig™ invests into top software technologies with the ultimate goal of providing the best search experience for business buyers.  SmartDig™ aims to be the central business for sale hub for business buyers across the world.


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SmartDig's patented search engine technology ensures the best possible search experience for
business buyers and sellers by searching virtually all businesses for sale on the Internet.
Whether you are looking to buy a business or sell a business, SmartDig can help you.